Fentrim® IS 2 150mmFentrim® – Extra Thick Adhesive Weathertight External Tape.




Fentrim is a unique solution by our Swiss partners SIGA including a unique 15mm pre-fold.  It features the renowned SIGA adhesive stick that our builders and subbies have been impressed by, this time laid on extra thick.  No more silver tape falling off when it’s cold, windy, hot or dusty.  Apply SIGA Fentrim tape, a quick firm roll and it sticks for good!  Best of all SIGA provides a warranty that Fentrim will stick to substrates such as masonary, concrete, timber, Upvc and Aluminium all without a Primer.  This can provide huge labour savings on site.  This tape is also great for Base joints which is an often overlooked area in Australian constructions.  Please always refer to the substrate matrix when selecting your SIGA Tape solution.

All SIGA external tapes a diffuse meaning they will breath vapour like a good rain jacket, not leaving your construction wrapped up like gladwrap.  A perfect addition to your NCC Condensation management plan.

  • Width – 15/135mm
  • Length – 25m
  • Box – 4 Rolls


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