Glass Inspection Guide

Glass at Viewco is manufactured to a high standard and strives to comply with AS 4666 for Insulated Glass Units. The following is a guide on how glass is to be inspected for defects:

Ensure glass is being examined in natural daylight (not in direct sunlight), cleaned and free from moisture. Inspect the glass inside a room, square on and a distance of 3m away (with a maximum viewing time of 60 seconds).

The secondary vision area is the outer 10% to 15% of the total daylight size and the rest is the primary area. Any scratches or bubbles visible in the primary vision area is a defect. For more detailed information, see the below link.

AGG Inspection of Glass Guideline


Condensation on windows occurs when the surface temperature of the window is low and the interior of the room is warm and has high relative humidity. Condensation on windows is an early warning of greater moisture/humidity issues in housing. It can generally be controlled by active ventilation and management via windows and mechanical extraction. The point at which condensation will occur depends on three variables:

  • The inside air temperature;
  • The relative humidity of the inside air; and
  • The surface temperature of the window or glass.

For further information of the cause and management of condensation please see the following links.

AWA Condensation Management Guide
NCC Condensation in Buildings Handbook

Care and Maintenance

It is very important that your new windows and doors are cleaned every 3 months for Coastal areas and every 6 months for inland areas. Please ensure you always vacuum door tracks before you plan to clean with water/detergent.

  • Window and door frames – clean with warm water and soap or detergent and ensure drainage holes are clear.
  • Glass – wipe over the surface with a few drops of methylated sprits on a damp cloth and then polish the surface with a lint-free cloth.

The Following care and maintenance links contain more detailed instructions and should be read before cleaning. These links are provided also with each invoice sent by Viewco.

Window and Door Care and Maintenance Hardware Care and Maintenance

Window & Door Tolerance

Viewco manufacture to trade tolerance (2mm to 5mm depending on material). Aluminium, glass and rubber are reactive materials and expand and contract depending on the temperature of the material. It is expected that beads will have a tolerance of up to 2mm each end. Glazing rubbers and seals will also expand and contract throughout the different seasons of the year. All windows and doors manufactured by Viewco are designed and tested to the Australian Window Standard AS 2047 and Glazing Standard AS 1288. Before accepting a quotation from Viewco it is advised to inspect our windows and doors at one of our showrooms. We display to the tolerance that we expect to deliver.
AGWA Compliance and Accreditation Page