Pergotenda® Palladia®

Pergotenda® Palladia®: timeless classicism

While fashions fade, true design remains.

Pergotenda® Palladia® is a stainless steel outdoor pergola with strong and simple lines, an expression of technological innovation and modern architecture, for a design that will last over time.

The structure can be installed as a sloped or flat roof pergola, for a maximum level of customisation that together with the clean design and the excellent quality-price ratio make this garden pergola one of the most valued and successful in the industry.

In fact, Pergotenda® Palladia® is suited to every setting, with clean lines that leave room for everyone’s personality: thus it becomes a discreet observer of your time to be spent however you like, doing something or nothing, thinking or sharing.
However, Pergotenda® Palladia® does not compromise on character. In fact, the presence of stainless steel finishes, a strong and durable material that is easily shaped, and the emphasis on the corner of the front joints create a great look, enhanced by the detail that completes and closes the canvas with the Corradi signature, a guarantee of recognition and expertise Made in Italy.

Outdoor pergola with a design of character

Palladia® is an innovative and appealing product, suitable both for homeowners looking for a touch of class for their outdoor space and for restaurants and cafés that want to protect terraces and outdoor areas, blending into the surrounding landscape. This is confirmed by the projects where this outdoor pergola can be admired in all its personality, even combined with one of the sun sails.

When open on the sides, its structure emphasises the lines of the front joints, while with perimeter closures Palladia® expresses a completely new, captivating and innovative character. These are not details, but rather critical elements to satisfy your personal taste and desire for more or less privacy, different levels of protection and permeability to air and light, always remaining in harmony with the elements of nature.

Nature that can be experienced 365 days a year, because Pergotenda® Palladia® is an outdoor pergola that is resistant to sun, rain and wind and complies with current regulations on safety and environmental protection, guaranteed by the presence of the CE mark.

Finally, the wide range of colours available enhances the decisive personality of this Pergotenda®: anthracite, ivory, white plus, for a dazzling and precious effect. For more intriguing atmospheres, you can choose the new Night Black or Dark Bronze, or opt for custom RAL colours to match modular decking in ceramic material or Ipe wood, with a warm look in shades ranging from brown to olive green.

That which is simple is perfect“, said Leonardo Da Vinci. These words have inspired our work here at Corradi, as with Pergotenda® Palladia®, the result of a process focused on eliminating the superfluous. Always with the aim of giving space to your time.

Spent with company, on your own, in an activity or just relaxing: a precious resource for creating your own life story. Because there is no clock capable of measuring the time of joy, if not the heart of the person feeling it.
This is why we have been designing beauty to be experienced for 40 years.

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