Parkwood’s selection of architecturally crafted aluminum front doors boasts a powder-coated finish for minimal upkeep. Offering greater stability compared to traditional wooden doors, they exude style while being ideal for exposed areas or locations requiring enhanced security measures.

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Thermtek represents Parkwood’s distinctive thermally enhanced technology in aluminum, providing superior noise reduction and acting as a barrier against condensation on doors.


Sturdy and reliable, featuring sleek, contemporary designs. Not insulated.

Experience the strength and elegance of aluminum.

Parkwood aluminium entry doors’ exquisite powder coat finish requires very little maintenance and complements aluminum window joinery seamlessly.

Aluminum doors are built to withstand harsh weather conditions without warping or bending.

Choose from Thermtek or Strata designs. Thermtek, Parkwood’s proprietary technology, enhances thermal properties, ensuring warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

➞ Minimal maintenance required.

➞ Resilient in challenging weather.

➞ Reliable, robust, and secure.

➞ Custom powder coating available.

➞ Suitable for darker color options.

➞ 10-year warranty against all weather conditions.

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