Schüco ASS 39 PD.NI

This sliding product has been designed to maximise “panoramic” views by concealing both the outer frame and sliding sashes into the building structure. This design philosophy continues with the fully concealed integrated locking system. An added benefit to the end-user, the rollers are able to be cleaned without the need to remove the sliding panels.

To realise the full panoramic benefit of this product it is recommended that the outer frame is fully concealed into the building structure.


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Concealed top and bottom rails

Concealed top and bottom rails

Self-supporting all-glass corners without visually obtrusive corner profiles or tie bars/compression members on the inside of the corner for maximum transparency. This achieves a unique, almost frameless ‘panoramic’ appearance maximising views with minimal visual obstruction.

Real Flexibility

Real Flexibility

The Schüco ASS 39 PD.NI can accommodate very wide openings. Its sashes can be 3.5m high floor-to-ceiling, 2m wide and up to 300kg. 90 deg. corner openings can also be created.

  • Concealed sashes provide maximum transparency and light penetration

  • Double and triple track outer frame options

  • Exclusively designed components to improve the system’s performance and function

  • Handle-free system solution for a clean minimalist design

  • Floor to ceiling glazing units for maximum transparency and aesthetic design.

  • Simple and fast cleaning and maintenance of rollers without removing the door panels.

  • Corner configurations available & full sub-frame and fully integrated 159.5mm fixed light frame available.

  • Recessed sill and Aquago Drain System

  • Schüco and Caprice hardware options available that compliment the door’s clean design

  • Simple, fast cleaning and maintenance of the rollers